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Microsoft Intune

Although, BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) can deliver many benefits, it also generates immense challenges for your organization and employees. Arguably security is the greatest concern when it comes to using personal devices in the work environment. Security fears mostly arise around data, since there is sensitive information at risk.

With Microsoft Intune, a device management application for organizations that provides control over mobile devices, PC management, and application control. Since Intune is a cloud-based service, all you need is a web browser to immediately get insight into your IT environment. Get up-to-date information on possible issues and get them resolved.

Intune has two great features:

  • The ability to control updates to all devices
  • The ability to push applications for end users to download

Microsoft Intune also has no infrastructure requirement where there is no need to plan, purchase, and maintain hardware and infrastructure by managing mobile devices from the cloud. It will centrally manage the deployment of Microsoft updates and service packs to all managed PCs.

Are you considering adopting a device management solution and need additional information or real world expertise? Newport IT has extensive experience in optimizing Microsoft’s platforms and services –just like Microsoft Intune – that can vastly help improve your business in terms of device management and cloud development.